Circle of Trust.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

I’ve been hearing, reading, and subscribing to this quote for years now.  Oddly, most of the people in my life, have been there far longer than 5 years.  With the exception of a few, my friends have been there for 10+, some 20+ years.  Am I indeed the average of these people?

Absolutely.  And that’s the best part.  I’m not sure if our upbringings played the primary roll in our desire for more, or if it’s the push of seeing one another blossom.  Either way, it’s not taken lightly that I am blessed with such an inspiring circle of people.

When I say “Oh, I have a friend that (insert service here)”… or “My sister can take care of that for you,” I am not recommending some shoddy products.  My village is full of professional artists, photographers, accountants, investors, entertainers, graphic designers, CEOs, executives, etc.

Now although I said that I’ve known these people for some time, that does not mean these relationships are random.  These relationships have been cultivated over time.  What kinds of energy are you putting out?  Are the five people closest to you a reflection of your inner self?

Do you trust your best friend, significant other, boss to make decisions for your life?  Because they ARE.  They’re affecting your daily activities, and therefore influencing your general direction of life.

Whether or not we like to admit it, we are constantly and always attracting kindred spirits.

The only way to change your surroundings, is to change yourself!  Whether your desire is to be more spiritual, a better entrepreneur, a better artist, more sociable, etc.– the difference is you making up your mind and attracting those with like minds.

I have been guilty of complaining about people around me, but I must stop and ask myself… “What energy have I put out to bring them here?”  Taking that responsibility for my life changes where I go, what I do, and eventually determine what next-level I’m moving to.  And as great as life is, I only have interest in leveling UP!



Never Arriving, Always Blooming.

     Another blog.  Yes.  But this one, is mine.  This one tells my stories.

And hopefully, embodies something that every one can relate to.  The triumphs of operating a start-up business, the challenges of single-motherhood, the confusion of dating in your 30s, the peace received from a relationship with God, and like yesterday when I decided to dye my hair blonde but forgot to bleach my eyebrows.

I write to inspire.  For love. To give a sense of camaraderie and hope.  Because none of us individually has it figured out, or is great on our own.

      Honesty moment–

I am not a reader of blogs.  I read books, listen to podcasts, and that’s about it.  Not because I don’t care, but because being a single-mother who teaches 5th grade math with a small business, and also is the program coordinator for a non-profit organization and an event specialist with a top event planning firm just doesn’t really allow for extra tabs open in my brain browser.  All that to say, forgive me if you find these posts a little unorthodox.  This isn’t my arena, YET.

As I continue this journey, I hope that there is something you can find to inspire you towards your own personal treasure.  I look forward to blooming with you!